When you think about how great food truck food is, and the amount of money you could be saving, it really is a no-brainer.

According to, hiring a food truck could save a couple around $3,500. If you could save $3,500 (yes, $3,500!), why wouldn’t you? That money could go toward the honeymoon, or it could simply stay in the bank. Nonetheless, that is a lot of dough.

A good wedding is all about setting the mood, and a lunch truck completely helps out in the ambiance department. Getting a food truck to cater a wedding is considered cool nowadays, and it can also display to the guests that the act of a wedding is a celebration — and people should have fun at celebrations, and weddings.

Not only is a mobile catering truck delicious and typically cheaper than other options, but it also comes with a flexible eating schedule. A flexible eating schedule is a good thing because if someone isn’t hungry, then they can simply eat whenever they want. All they have to do is enter the line of greatness that takes them right to the food truck window.

Having a food truck cater your wedding might not be the most traditional option of all time, but food truck weddings are becoming more and more popular by the day thanks to the convenience they bring to the table. Plus, the food is amazing.